We are a TOOL supporting your international business

ARROWS INTERNATIONAL is a platform powered by the best lawyers, tax advisors, transactional advisors, auditors or accountants who will help you with the most important challenges of your business.

We use a variety of modern technologies to bring you a whole new type of service that is defined by the business needs and characteristics of the new age.

All our experts around the globe use their knowledge, skills, information and contacts not only to provide you with the best advisory services, but mainly to bring you new business opportunities as well.

These are the key features of the platform:

new partners
and business opportunities

We are excited to help our clients meet new business partners for their projects and find new business opportunities. All of that at the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Lucie Melicharová

We will be pleased to help you place your products, spread your services or introduce you to our contacts on a daily basis.

Vojtěch Sucharda

The best way to further broaden your business network is definitely to attend your yearly ARROWS MEETUP event. All our partners will bring their top clients represented at the CEO-level to Prague, where we will support them in making new valuable business connections with reliable business partners.

Ondrej Spodniak
premiot group

"Premiot Group is honored to be a partner of ARROWS MEETUP as we cooperate with various law firms throughout the network. We are looking forward to find new business opportunities."

make the best deals
and transactions worldwide

Our lawyers and advisors gather best verified transaction targets and interested acquisition partners. Seek for the best deal
through our iDeal platform.

Martin Murad

iDeal is an online platform where up-to-date information about interested buyers and acquisition targets from the best international lawyers and advisors are gathered and displayed for you. This makes the content unique for its accuracy and reliability.

Broaden your transactional opportunities beyond your country and shift it to a whole new level.


"The best tool to find iDeal targets in so many countries. Verified by the lawyers who have (as always) the best information about their clients."

with the top tier lawyers
and advisors

We put a great emphasis on your business. The highest quality of our service is simply a must. Consult with the best fitting advisor for you.

Vojtěch Sucharda

With our tool you can easily find the best ideal advisor for you in over 100 jurisdictions. All of them are highly reliable and verified through a long term cooperation.

Lucie Melicharová

Is your case multi-jurisdictional or more complex in any other way? Do you have no time to waste searching for the right advisors? Simply describe your case briefly and we will do all the work for you.


"27 jurisdictions in only 2 days? All with names of renowned lawyers and quotes. Lucy on the phone almost non-stop to address our needs. This is a different level of a great service."


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