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Business meeting in Barcelona

One of our mottoes is "Keep calm and follow the ARROWS" ... what about following us all the way to Barcelona!

When ARROWS became a part of ETL GLOBAL family, we received warm invitation from Juan Bermudez Claveria to visit our new colleagues. As a member of a board of the ARROWS International, it was my pleasure to accept it.
My main goal is helping our clients in their international business endeavors. I was really glad to meet such inspiring people from ETL GLOBAL España who shared their knowledge and skills with us.

Thank you for your time and see you soon in Prague!

Josep Maria Torres Belmonte, Eric TALABARDON, Carlos Bonachera, Manuel Calavia Arias, Miguel Fuentesaúco Homs, AXEL IBAÑEZ FUHS,Carlos Nistal Baroja, Arnau Moranta Giné, Víctor Villagra Noriega, Jordi Capelleras, Joan Pons, Jenny Clavería Seguer

Last but not least many thanks to Vojtěch Sucharda and Robert Jurka for their company during this #business trip.

written by Lucie Melicharová, executive director at ARROWS International